If you are the victim of a monetary loss through a criminal action such as theft, criminal mischief, or failure of an owner/operator of a vehicle to maintain insurance, the Warren County Attorney’s Office may be able to seek restitution on your behalf.

Restitution is typically ordered as a condition of a criminal defendant’s final sentence. Restitution payments ordered by the court shall be paid by the defendant through the Warren Circuit Clerk, who shall disburse payments as ordered by the court. The judge is responsible for setting the amount of restitution to be paid and the frequency thereof and overseeing the collection of restitution to assure payment is being made.

If restitution payments are not being made as ordered, the judge may hold a hearing to determine why the restitution is not being paid and may institute sanctions or not release the defendant from probation until restitution has been paid in full.

If you are not receiving restitution payments as ordered, you may contact the Warren County Attorney’s Office to discuss how to proceed.