Paula Hayes

UIFSA Caseworker

Julie Richards

Enforcement, Division III

Aaliyah Curry

Caseworker Assistant

Lynne Sanders

Enforcement, Division III

christy peay
Christy Peay

Wage Garnishments

Maddy Wood

Establishment, Paternity, and Enforcement

shelby trent

Enforcement, Division IV

stephanie waters
Stephanie Waters

Enforcement, Division III and Division IV

jenilyn hall
Jenilyn Hall

Enforcement, Division III

Jenilyn Hall was born in Louisville but grew up in Frankfort and graduated from Western Hill High School. She began her career with the Warren County Child Support Office in 2007 and is now a collection/enforcement worker in Judge Downey’s Family Court.

tammy manley
Tammy Manley

Foster Care, Division III and Division IV

Tammy Manley is the Foster Care Caseworker Specialist at the Child Support Division. Tammy is a graduate of Warren East High School. She is married to Greg and has two children. Tammy is a huge fan of her children’s sports. She and her family enjoy camping together.